Tourism and Hospitality Management Professional Course (Long-Term Course)

Course Content

  • History of Tourism
  • Ancient of Medieval Travel
  • Renaissance and Modern Travel
  • History Of American Travel
  • Modern Tourism
  • Modes of Transport
  • Travel Consideration
  • Career Development
  • Defining Tourism
  • Careers in Tourism
  • Tourism Sectors
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Amenities
  • Transportation Network
  • Travel Patterns
  • The Reason People travel
  • Pleasure Travelers
  • Tourism Destination
  • Sun Resorts
  • Winter Resorts
  • Rural and Urban Resorts
  • and much more…..

What you will learn

  • To analyze the investment trends and hospitality development patterns of international hospitality firms.
  • To identify emerging overseas markets for tourism and hospitality development.
  • To understand the socio-economic impact of developing tourism industry in developing countries.
  • To understand the management functions of tourism and hospitality industry including human resource management, financial management, marketing and technology applications.
  • To identify potential career opportunities of our students through internship programs and on education training.

Requirements & who can attend

No experience required.

Suitable for: Those peoples who are interested in Tourism.


Learn by doing

  • Learn to know What is tourism & hospitality management
  • Learn to know What is manpower and competent personnel
  • Learn to How meet the ever growing demand of the tourism sector
  • Learn what is labor-intensive profitability sector.


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