Software Testing Master class (Long-term Course)

Course Content

  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Design of Testing
  • Techniques of testing
  • Levels & Types of Testing
  • Executing test
  • Managing Defect
  • Team Collaboration & Reporting
  • Measurement & Metrics
  • Testing Tools & FAQs
  • Testing levels
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Testing Techniques
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Testing Types
  • Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing
  • Regression Testing


What you will learn

  • Understand the purpose of Software Testing
  • Raise awareness of concerns and possible problems Software Testing may highlight
  • Use test techniques
  • Understand Software Testing terminology
  • Disclose beneficial sources of information
  • Draw attention to light test activities and processes
  • Expand knowledge and understanding of Software Testing
  • Implementation and management of Software Testing in a workplace
  • Raise awareness of potential problems and restrictions
  • Create and implement test plans consistent with organisational policies and test strategies
  • Assess and report relevant and timely test statuses
  • Propose business cases for test activities that outline the expected costs and benefits
  • Apply tools to support testing
  • Conduct suitable testing processes based on the software advancement lifecycle
  • Priorities testing activities based on risk assessment information
  • Select and implement appropriate techniques
  • Complete the documentation relating to testing activities
  • Participate in meetings with stakeholders and implement knowledge of common errors in products
  • Apply tools for an efficient testing process
  • Define functional testing types


Requirements & who can attend

A computer with either Windows, Mac or Linux to install all the free software and tools needed.

Mobile phone with either iOS or Android for the Mobile application testing section.

Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your dedication!

  • This course is perfect for absolute beginners with no previous testing experience.
  • For intermediates looking to sharpen their skills to the expert level.
  • Those looking to build software testing knowledge and get a job in the IT industry.
  • Basically to anyone who wants to learn more testing!


Learn by doing

  • Learn the core testing skills needed to apply for Software Testing positions in just 5 hours.
  • Be able to demonstrate your understanding of software testing to future employers.
  • Test tooling, JIRA, Confluence, TestRail, TestLodge, Charles Proxy and gitHub which will help you to be a great software tester.
  • Discover the freelancing opportunities and start earning money from testing!


Course at a Glance


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