Result Based Management (Long-Term Course)

Course Details

  • Describe what RBM is, how it adds value to programming, and how it helps UNICEF achieve its desired results for children;
  • Define essential RBM concepts and terminology;
  • Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate  a strategic plan using RBM principles;
  • Create cogent reports for different audiences and that demonstrate the results of your program for children.
  • Types of Development Results
  • Results philosophy and principles
  • Management areas of focus
  • Significance of results-based management in the United Nations system
  • Challenges and the Joint Inspection Unit approach to defining a valid basis for system-wide assessment
  • Benchmarking against results principles
  • Management areas of focus in the benchmarking framework
  • and much more…


What you will learn

  • Theoretical and conceptual basis for assessing the stages of development
  • Outcomes of results-based management and assessment
  • Assessment methodology for stage of development and outcomes
  • key stakeholders for RBM
  • the organization’s logic modelS
  • The strategic results framework including key indicators.
  • Evaluation with RBM
    the risk register
  • risk management plan
  • evaluation with RBM
  • the strategic monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Implementing RBM, dealing with data & reporting
  • fostering a learning culture
  • Managing change with RBM.


Requirements & who can attend

No experience required.

Suitable for: This course is recommended for all UNICEF staff, and it is mandatory for Program & Operations professional staff.


Learn by doing

  • How to produced Direct results or outputs
  • How implementing results-based management in development co-operation organizations?
  • What progress and benefits can be seen?
  • What are the good practices to address these challenges?



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