Professional Training on Bootstrap 4.1 with 3 Projects (Long-Term Course)

Course Content

  • Introduction of Bootstrap
  • Learn how to use Grid & Typography
  • Learn how to use Card
  • Learn how to use Table
  • Starting Your First Web Page, HTML Tags, Attributes, Elements, Comments,
    Head, Body, Section, Div, Header, Footer, Page Title, Headings, Paragraphs, Hyperlinks, Lists, Images, Tables & Form Making
  • Types of Style Sheets, CSS Selectors, Properties, Values, Backgrounds,
    Colors, Text Styling & Formatting, Borders, Margins, Paddings, Outlines,
    Pixels, Percentages, Points, Em, Block & Inline Elements, Float & Clear, CSS
    Positioning, Text Effects, ID $ Class Selectors, Layers, Pseudo Classes,
    Pseudo Elements, Media
    Types, Layouts
  • About jQuery, Syntax, Selectors, Attributes, Traversing, CSS, Events,
  • Making jQuery Scroll top with animation.
  • What is Bootstrap 4.1
  • How to use it
  • Starting to make a Personal Portfolio webpage


What you will learn

  • Bootstrap Basic Template
  • Bootstrap Grid system, Typography, Tables, Forms, Buttons.
  • Bootstrap Navs, Navbar, Scrollspy, modal, Breadcrumbs, Pagination,
    Labels, Badges, Alerts
  • Bootstrap Display, Flex, Float, Shadow, sizing, spacing, vertical Align
  • Introduction to PHP, Syntax, Variables , Comments, Types of Operator,
    if – else statement, Switch in php, Loops in php, nested for loop
  • String Functions, Super Global Variable, Understanding GET Method,
  • Introduction to Database, PHPMyAdmin, Creating a Database &
  • CRUD System with PHP
  • PHP OOP Basics
  • Class & Object, Properties, Method, Public, Private, Protected


Requirements & who can attend

Modern Web Browser

Code Editor

ABC of HTML and CSS. Basics of JavaScript will be a plus, but not mandatory

This course is intended for those people whose have basic web design knowledge (HTML, CSS3) and also have at least one website making experience.


Learn by doing

  • You will start from Bootstrap basics, where you will learn about things like Typography, Utilities
  • You will learn how to align elements on the page using Bootstrap Grid System, and besides that, we will cover CSS Flexbox
  • You will be able to build 4 real world projects using Bootstrap and some CSS and jQuery tricks and techniques
  • After finishing the course you will be able to build modern, great-looking websites on your own

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