Professional Android Application Development (Long-Term Course)

Course Content

  • Build in a career in Android Application Development.
  • Work as an “ANDROID DEVELOPER” in the national & international platform.
  • Develop apps individually.
  • Working with SQLite Database.
  • Deploy of the app to google play store.
  • Explore Java programming language.
  • Monetize app.
  • Android Overview
  • Java Basic (Data Types & Variables)
  • Java Basic (Access Modifier, Operators, Conditional Statements & Scanner)
  • Java Basic (LOOP Control)
  • Java Basic (Array)
  • Java Basic (OOP Basics-Class & Object)
  • Java Basic (OOP Basics-Metho Overriding and overloading)
  • Java (Object Oriented Programming-OOP, Inheritance)
  • Java (Object Oriented Programming-OOP, Polymorphism)
  • Java (Object Oriented Programming-OOP, Encapsulation)
  • Java (Project Using OOP & Review Class)
  • Android Framework Overview
  • Android Activity with Life Cycle
  • Android Material Design (Material Theme)


What you will learn

  • Android SDK and Platform specification, various SDK versions
  • Android Studio – the most powerful and smartest IDE
  • Learn how Android projects are structured
  • Learn how Design and Logic parts are separated to build a scalable and extendable project
  • Manifest and other Resource files
  • Learn how Android projects are built with a powerful build tool – Gradle.
  • Learn how to design your app screens with Layouts and Widgets
  • Learn how to handle Events like Click and Touch
  • Learn how to design effective navigation
  • Learn different states of an Activity, how activities are affected during its lifecycle.
  • Learn how to hold states / data within the activity, handle situations like configuration changes (Portrait to Landscape and vice versa).
  • Learn how to pass data from one activity to another.
  • Learn how to interact with other applications.
  • Learn how to create worker thread to do heavy / long running tasks.
  • Learn how to GET and POST data from remote server using Web APIs, learn how Retrofit can optimize your network operation by doing tasks asynchronously.


Requirements & who can attend


  • GCE ‘A’ Levels or BAC or equivalent
  • Basic use of a computer
  • Reading and writing proficiency in any of the national languages (English or French)
  • Available to learn on campus for 4-6 hours per day for 3 days each week
  • Age 12+


Learn by doing

Able to:

  • Learn how to load a Map, see your current location on Map, add Markers to Map.
  • Learn how to search nearby locations like restaurants, cafes etc and show them to Map. Learn how to filter your search.
  • Learn how to calculate distance between two locations.
  • Learn how to show direction on Map between two locations. You can also get alternative routes, travel time for driving, walking, bicycling etc.
  • Learn how to convert Latitude/Longitude to street address and vice versa using Geocoding and reverse Geocoding API.
  • Learn how to get notified automatically when you check in a certain place.


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