Office Applications & Unicode Bangla under (Long-term Course)

Course Content

  • Introduction to computer
  • Classification of different types of computer
  • Application of different types of computer
  • Basic components of  a computer
  • Windows OS
  • Hardware and Troubleshooting
  • Basic use of computer
  • Turn on the pc, Identifying File-Folder-Drive, Open a new file
  • Search for an existing file, Find location of  a file, Change location of files
  • Change file installing  a new hardware, Antivirus and Computer Security
  • Daily Uses of digital Applications
  • Familiar with Unicode Keyboard and font;
  • Unicode Software and Font Installation technique;
  • Writing procedure of Bangle etc.


What you will learn

  • To Perform calculations using mathematical formulas in spreadsheets, perform data analysis, prepare a database system and Easily calculate salary/grade using  Spreadsheet
  • To Use computer tools to create scientific documents using equation editor, represent experimental data in tables, draw figures, and integrate charts and graphs.
  • To develop technical and scientific presentations, and embed charts, graphs, and equations using presentation tools.
  • To enable operate the computer smoothly and Prepare a document in proper way.
  • To gain the skills of multimedia presentation using Power Point
  • To make an Eligible for Sending / Receiving   e-Mail, Chat & Video conferencing ,Browsing Internet, Searching specific information over Internet


Requirements & who can attend


Learn by doing

How to view Bengali text 

Bangla typography

Which is the best Bangla/Bengali unicode writing software

Bengali Application Letter



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