Motion Graphics Design Basics with Adobe After Effects (Long-Term Course)

Course Content

  • Installation & Overview
  • Start a New Project and Understand the After Effect Workspace
  • Workspaces
  • Exploring Preferences
  • Exploring Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Animate Your Name!
  • Know Your Way Around After Effects
  • Start a New Composition
  • Starting a New Composition from Footage
  • Importing Media and Placing on the Timeline
  • Learn the Important Tools
  • Create a Perfect Square or Circle, Alignment, and Colors
  • The Timeline
  • Layer Transformations
  • Instructor Note – Get More Resources and Tips
  • Working with Solid Layers
  • Working with Shapes
  • Layer Styles – Drop Shadows, Bevel & Emboss, and Gradients
  • Shape Effects
  • Adding and Editing Keyframes + Opacity Animations
  • Position, Size, and Rotation Animations
  • Make Animations Better with Easy Ease and Motion Blur
  • Challenge: Bouncing Ball Animation
  • Solution: Bouncing Ball Animation
  • Track Mattes: Make Layers Appear and Disappear
  • Does the ERP system strengthen the company’s competitive position ? How might it erode the company’s
  • competitive position ?
  • Does the ERP system strengthen the company’s competitive position ? How might it erode the company’s
  • competitive position ?


What you will learn

  • Pre-Compositions: Grouping Layers Together
  • Quickly Reversing Animations
  • Freeze Frames, Remapping, Reversing Time
  • Blend Modes
  • Stabilizing Footage
  • Intro to Real World Projects
  • Clean Lower Third
  • Colorful Transition
  • Text with Mask Transition
  • Text Bubble Pop-Up Animation
  • Weather App User Design Animation Part 1,2,3
  • Simple Logo Reveal
  • Design Your Own Flat Animation Scene
  • Animating Fireworks with a Repeater Shape
  • Project
  • Effect’s and Plugins
  • Instructor Note – Get More Resources and Tips
  • Business Blue Print


    Requirements & who can attend

    This course is aimed at anyone who wants to start programming applied to design, animation or generative art, as well as those who want to learn new animation techniques in After Effects.

    Students, Professionals interested in Media, graphics and design.


    Learn by doing

    • Includes After Effect CC
    • Create full Motion Graphics Videos in After Effects
    • You will learn how to create the 4-Phase walk for any character
    • Create Graphics using After Effects Tools
    • Use all After Effects Motion Graphics Properties and Methods
    • Understand and Apply the most useful Visual Effects for Graphics
    • Master the most useful After Effects’ Motion Graphics & Visual Effects Techniques
    • Import and Animate Illustrator Graphics

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