Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Course details:

  • To follow the Six Sigma DMAIC improvement process the course is presented in a logical sequence
  • Develop a comprehensive set of skills that will allow you to function effectively as a Six Sigma Black Belt is the learning objective of this course
  • Deliver a solid general knowledge of the theory, composition, and implementation of a Lean Six Sigma initiative.


What you will learn:

  • Apply¬†DMAIC Methodology to a Project
  • Team Dynamics Management
  • Identify Key Organizational Factors
  • Process Improvement Techniques
  • Tools for Success


Who will be benefited:

Engineers, MBAs, Operations Managers, Quality Managers and professionals who want to apply the methodologies and quality control process within an organization.



Excel user, open to learn how to improve a process


Learn by doing:

  • Team leadership skills necessary to get projects across the goal line
  • Able to Communicate using Six Sigma concepts
  • Understand and apply the five-step DMAIC model as a framework to organize process improvement activity
  • Able to deliver meaningful results to the organization.

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