Inventory & Store Management

Course details:

  • This course is designed and articulated to sharpen participant’s knowledge and skills in managing Inventory & store management efficiently and successfully
  • Purpose of this course is to find out GAP in right Inventory & store management that ensures the best value of money thus efficiency can be obtained.
  • To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery to the officials and stake holders by the Store Keepers.


What you will learn:

  • Basic concept of Inventory and store management
  • Stages of Inventory
  • Types of Inventory
  • Inventory coding systems
  • The role of the Inventory Manager
  • Procurement Management Systems
  • Describe the functions and necessity of stores.
  • Storage at Production warehouse and distribution to depot
  • Storage at Depot and distribution to next point
  • Storage at CDC and distribution to next point
  • Storage to POS and retail distribution
  • Necessary safety, security and Risk Management in POD (Point of Distribution) and POS (Point of sales)


Who will be benefited:

Stores keepers, Stores assistants, Inventory assistant, Inventory controllers, warehouse assistant and new starters


Learn by doing:

After completion of this course you will be able to

  • Measure and improve inventory management performance
  • Maintain an updated inventory for government properties at all times
  • Understand the objectives and scope of the stores
  • Handle the store systems and procedures (receipt, issue, inspection etc.)

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