Customer Service Master Class

Course details:

  • This master class provides the techniques and thinking time to reinvent your proactive service agenda.
  • To teach delegates the fundamental principles, practices and skills required that leading organizations employ to deliver world-class customer service
  • Providing great customer service in a technical environment demands
  • Aims to create the genuine willingness and desire to do the best for each customer
  • Build stronger internal relationships and enhance your reputation as a service provider



What you will learn:

  • What great service is really all about
  • Process of managing and exceeding customer expectation
  • Three of the most critical aspects of great service provision — foundations, communication and interpersonal skills and handling difficult situations.
  • Six Hat problem solving methodology
  • Choosing the most appropriate method for any communication – written, phone, face to face?
  • The useful steps of dealing with upset customer


Who will be benefited:

Anyone involved with the interaction of customers



A willingness to impress your customers


Learn by doing:

  • Able to understand the different customer types
  • Understands the expectations, values and goals for the self and company
  • Learn positive approach for given better customer service
  • Learn the latest cutting-edge techniques to provide a first-class service
  • Gain the confidence to deal with any “difficult” or complaining customers



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