Cost Containment Strategies Certificate Course

Course Outline:
  1. Understanding cost concepts (Traditional cost, Life cycle cost, Total cost of ownership, Activity-based cost, Target cost, Cost of quality)
  1. Understanding cost issues (Cost accounting principles, Time value of money, Transaction cost)
  2. Applying analytical tools; Traditional cost and price analysis; Activity-based costing; Value analysis
  3. Identifying cost drivers; Systems and strategies
  4. Process mapping to uncover drivers and remove time
  5. Creative paths to reducing or removing cost: Outsourcing; Networking; Long-term contracts
  6. Applying concepts to supplier relationships; Strategic cost containment
  7. Cost management goal setting


What will you learn:

Techniques of estimating, planning and cost control for the various stages of an industrial project


Who will be benefited:

Purchasing and supply management professionals, engineers, financial assistants, managers or directors, accountants, budget and planning managers and coordinators, operations managers, professionals interested in cost management.


Learn by doing:

  • How to apply knowledge of basic economics to make better pricing decisions
  • How to calculate three types of price elasticities to determine the impact of price on demand
  • How to recognize opportunities for price discrimination and recommend strategies to maximize sales and profits

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