Certificate Course on Corporate Law and Practice

Course details:

  • Better understanding of corporate law and Practice
  • Fundamentals of corporate laws and practices.
  • Development of critical and analytical abilities in the area of Corporate Law.
  • Discussion of the essential legal documentations, notes, meetings under corporate laws and practices.
  • The provision of company management services in offshore centers
  • Regulation of company management business


What you will learn:

  • Understand the concepts of corporate laws, rules and regulations
  • Corporate finance
  • Management and Corporate Governance
  • CSR Project Appraisal and Accounting and Eā€governance initiatives in corporate law
  • Fundamental of IPR and Competition Law
  • General Principles of Corporate Liability
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Real life and practical problem based solution on corporate matter.


Who will be benefited:

Banking, legal and trust professions, company administrators, tax and financial advisors, chartered accountant, cost & work accountants, Managers, Company Directors, Prospective Entrepreneurs and Students.


No working experience required


Learn by doing:

  • Learn the fundamental rules & provisions of corporate law and practice
  • Able to protect the business from any loss
  • Able to reduce the unnecessary legal costs in the business transactions.

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