Mr. Md. Arif Khan

Mr. Md. Arif Khan is a professional Consultant (Business, Learning & Career) of Sullivan Consulting and Learning Services and Chief Supply Chain Officer of FMS Group (Supply Chain, Commercial & Marketing).

He has 25 years of real life working experience in different International and Local Corporate organization, Government Organization, UN organization and Educational Institutes. His expertise areas are on Supply Chain Management, Procurement Management (Local Procurement, International Procurement and Public Procurement) Import-Export Management, International Trade and Business, Entrepreneurship Development, Business Development, Marketing Management, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, Training Management, Career Management, Cross Cultural Management.

Early 90’s he had started his career with Navana Industries Ltd. as Executive (Import-Export-Industries Division), Mr. Khan  also worked at Apex Adelchi Footwear Ltd., as Commercial Manager(Import-Export-Industries Division), at Integra Communications Ltd., as Head of Supply Chain and Corporate Affairs, at UNDP as Specialist (Marketing & Business Development), at AMS Group as CEO (Supply Chain, Commercial, Marketing), at INTI International University-Malaysia as Senior Faculty (Business& Marketing), at BRAC as Faculty Coordinator (Business & Enterprises).

Mr.  Khan is a certified Trainer of WTO/UNCTAD/ITC – Switzerland and CIPS- UK on Supply Chain Management. Mr. Khan has earned his postgraduate degrees on M.Com (Management), PGD (Industrial Management), MBA (Marketing & International Business), International. Diploma (Purchasing and Supply Chain Management), ITC-Switzerland.

Mr. Khan is senior Trainer of DCCI Business Institute on Supply Chain Management since 2006. He is also conducting training in leading Corporate, Training organizations and Institutes in Bangladesh. He was awarded as Top teaching award while worked in a cross cultural environment at INTI International University – Malaysia. Mr. Khan has also conducted and facilitated several Trainings, Workshops, Seminars and Trade Fairs while worked at UNDP, INTI and BRAC.

Mr. Khan has attended and completed successfully several Trainings, Trade Fairs, Workshop and Seminars in home and abroad successfully.

During his work tenure he has travelled many countries and gathered practical knowledge on individual and Business Culture of diverse group of people, organization and country. He has worked with many top successful business entrepreneurs and leaders in Bangladesh and abroad.