Dr. Muhammad Shariat Ullah

Mr. Muhammad Shariat Ullah, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management, University of Dhaka and is the Senior Research Fellow, Center for Trade and Investment (CTI), University of Dhaka. In addition to his teaching experience in the University of Dhaka, Dr. Shariat has taught at other universities in home and abroad.

He has completed BBA in Management, MBA in Strategic Management and PhD in International Economics. Dr. Shariat has his research specialization on topics relating to regional economic integration and international trade and factor mobility. Besides, he undertakes research on business, management and strategic management issues.

He has expertise in applications of STATA and E-views software. He has 22 research publications in local and international journals, one text book at undergraduate level, two research monographs, and 5 publications in international conference proceedings. He has participated and presented papers in many intentional conferences held in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, Republic of Korea, and Thailand.

He received best paper awards in conferences held in Italy and Germany in the year 2015 and 2016 respectively.