Workshop on KPI Based PMS

Course Details

  • Characteristics of KPI & Benefit of KPI
  • Practicing KPI in everywhere: in Personal Life, in Social Life and in Professional Life.
  • Importance & Benefits of KPI based PMS.
  • How to link individual performance to Profit.
  • Techniques for giving weightage of KPI


What you will learn

  • Characteristics of organization which has KPI based system.
  • Types, Targets and KPI Mistakes
  • Meaning of RIGHT KPI
  • KPI Selection/ development technique
  • Role of individual of KPI implementation project



Requirements & who can attend


  • No¬†experience¬†required.
  • Suitable for Organization, Managers & Employees.


Learn by doing


Understand the concept and practices of KPI

How to Use KPIs to drive performance

Determine which KPIs should be used and when to Design KPI for every employee

How to Measure and Communicate KPI insight effectively


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