Waterfall Project Management – Bangladesh

Course Details:

  • An Overview of Project Management
  • An Overview of Waterfall
  • An Overview of V-Model
  • Incremental Approaches By Adapting Waterfall
  • Advantages of the Waterfall model
  • Challenges of the model
  • Putting the Waterfall into Practice
  • Improving Waterfall with Kanban distribution
  • The stages of Project Management
  • Summary of Waterfall and V-Model
  • Project Management


What you will learn:

  • Requirement gathering and documentation
  • System design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Delivery/deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Team members can better plan their time
  • Easy to understand
  • Client knows what to expect
  • Client input not required



No experience required.


Who can attend:

Suitable for: Those people who are interested about waterfall project management & Software learner.


Learn by doing

  • Learn how to listing all the requirements you can think of.
  • When you have extensive documentation, knowledge won’t get lost if someone leaves
  • Knows in advance on what they’ll work, they can be assigned on multiple projects at the same time
  • Waterfall projects are divided into discrete and easily understandable phases. As a result

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