Training on Spoken, Pronunciation and Presentation Skills

The workshop provides detailed instruction on the pronunciation of all of the sounds of standard American English and a reliable model for structuring and delivering in-front of others

Course outline:

  • Voice
  • Pronunciation
  • Common grammar errors in spoken English
  • Ways to improve your comprehension skills and vocabulary
  • Building your confidence
  • Communicating and presenting a positive image
  • Watching yourself in action
  • Tips and techniques for continued self-correction


Course Duration: 1 week


Requirements: Students must be enrolled in an Essential English course in order to take this elective course.


What you will learn:

After completing the course you will

  • Have improve your comprehension and practical use of English in three skill areas: speaking, vocabulary, and pronunciation
  • Able to use effective introductions and conclusions for presentations
  • Learn about common errors that 2nd language speakers make and how to correct them
  • Learn the ways in which body language can improve your communication
  • Learn how to modulate your voice, and articulate clearly for maximum impact


Who this course is for:

Suitable for all levels of staff in the organization

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