Structured Problem Solving & Decision Making Approach with Root Cause Analysis

Resource Person

Mr. Naijur Rahman

CI & Efficiency Consultant, Certified Lean Six Sigma Practitioner, Coach & Guide, Corporate Trainer, Soft Skill Trainer, Motivational Speaker

Mr. Naijur Rahman (NR) is a seasoned Operational Excellence Consultant, one of the best and most well-known trainers in Bangladesh in the field of Lean Six Sigma, Efficiency & Productivity Improvement, Continuous Improvement Culture, TQM, Soft skill an Adult Learning Facilitation. His expertise lies in improving the productivity and efficiency in individuals and business processes through the application of new – age solutions and people management techniques.

Mr. Naijur Rahman is an avid speaker and is a renowned motivational speaker in Bangladesh. His love for teaching is translated into enriching training sessions and inspiring motivational talks that build personal excellence and productivity. He is engaged in East West University & Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) as Adjunct Faculty and Enlisted Trainer for SEIP Program under BGMEA and empaneled facilitator in various national and international organizations and institutes.

Mr. NR is highly passionate on Consulting now delivers his knowledge and expertise to organizations in helping them achieve operational excellence as an Efficiency Enhancement and CI Consultant. He has been engaged with number of Consulting Program on Operational Excellence, 360 Degree Efficiency, Productively and Employee Development Program with of Giant Level Manufacturing Plants and Business Houses in Bangladesh.

Mr. NR has undergone extensive Training locally and Internationally on Lean Management, Lean Six Sigma, Efficiency & Productivity Improvement, TQM, Leadership & People Management, Human Psychology, Neuro Science in Management, Adult Learning, Facilitation & Coaching, Reprograming of Habits, Cultural Transformation & CI Tools, etc.

In his total career tenure holding very senior positions he worked for renowned National and Multinational Organizations like – Intertek Bangladesh, Team Group, Gemcon Group, Kallol Group, Shakti Foundation etc. Currently he holds the position of Country Chief of Mind Works, a Multinational Management Consulting and Training Organization.

Mr. Naijur is a Fellow Member of Bangladesh Organization for Learning and Development (BOLD) and Bangladesh Society for Apparel Human Resources Professionals (BSHARP).


In order to effectively manage and run a successful organization, leadership must guide their employees and develop problem-solving techniques. The eight disciplines (8D) model is a Structured Problem Solving Approach typically employed by quality engineers or other professionals, and is most commonly used by the automotive industry but has also been successfully applied in healthcare, retail, finance, government, and manufacturing. The purpose of the 8D methodology is to identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems, making it useful in product and process improvement. The 8D problem solving model establishes a permanent corrective action based on statistical analysis of the problem and focuses on the origin of the problem by determining its root causes.

Although it originally comprised eight stages, or disciplines, the eight disciplines system was later augmented by an initial planning stage.

This two-day course helps participants to develop the skills and good practices which are appropriate for solving even simple problems, as well as those problems which are more challenging. This course comprises a comprehensive program of problem solving /continuous improvement tools and techniques. The content is delivered through a series of presentations, combined with a variety of participant activities.

Course Objective:

The key objectives are to enhance the participant’s existing skills to enable them to become more effective at problem-solving and continuous improvement within their work process. By the end of the course, a participant will understand:

      • A structured process for problem-solving, i.e. 8D
      • How various functions within an organization contribute to problem-solving
      • How a variety of useful tools and techniques may help during problem-solving
      • Key team working skills
      • The importance of corrective action and management of problem-solving activities


Day 1 Agenda:

      • Introductions, and Review of Agenda
      • Protect the Customer / Start the Problem Solving Process
      • Emergency Response Action (ERA)
      • Key tools and techniques for quantifying the problem
        o Verification and validation activities
      • Selecting a Team and Teambuilding through solving the dysfunctions of Team
      • Describing the Problem
        o Problem statement / process mapping / is-is not analysis / histogram / trend chart / QOS chart
      • Interim Containment Action


Day 2 Agenda:

      • Root Cause Analysis
        o Comparative analysis / brainstorming / fishbone chart / 5 whys / scatter chart / multi-vari chart/ Pugh Matrix
      • Developing and Implementing Permanent Corrective Actions
        o Creative thinking / decision-making / action plan
      • Preventing Recurrence of the Problem
        o Application to other products / processes
        o Procedure and system changes
      • Recognizing Achievement
        o Completing the problem solving activity
      • Review & Closing Summary


Business Benefits:

      • Identify and expose the Real Root Causes of Problems
      • Set Permanently solution instead of Band Aid solution/ Temporary Solution
      • Enables personnel to become more effective at problem solving.
      • Helps to establish a formal process for solving and managing problems repeated


Course Structure:

      • Understanding the problem
      • Containment activities
      • Describing the problem
      • Team roles and skills
      • Root cause analysis
      • Corrective action
      • Lessons learned
      • Tools and techniques for problem solving


Who will be benefited?

Multi-disciplinary: The course is appropriate for those personnel who are responsible for solving problems, and also for personnel who contribute to problem-solving and continual improvement activities.

Language: English and Bengali

Certificate: Certificate of attendance will be provided.

Course Fee: Tk. 7,000/- (per participant) excluding VAT and TAX payable in advance in favour of “Arena Phone BD Ltd.” in the form of crossed cheque or pay order or direct deposit to the Bank Account.

Venue: Arena Excellence, Rupayan Center (6th Floor), 72 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1212

For Registration Contact with Mr. Maksud-ul-Haque, Centre Manager, 01844471509, 01844054131, Ms. Sadia Akter, Executive Business Development, 01880196294 Ms. Jannatul Ferdoss, Executive-Training, 01844471510, E-mail:, ,,, Website:, Facebook Page:

Organizations nominating five or more delegates will enjoy 10% discount on course fee. The fee will cover tuition, stationery, reproduction of training material, training aids/equipment, cost of venue, food & refreshment, certificate etc.

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Price: Fees Tk 7,000 excluding VAT and TAX

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Resource Person

Mr. Naijur Rahman