Strategic Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management

Course Details:

Strategic procurement incorporates actions aimed at reducing the supplier base, negotiations, communication and maintaining long-term relationships with suppliers. It is particularly relevant in light of globalization the development of cost-saving communications and widely available IT, improved logistics and procedures, dynamic competition, high consumer demands, increasing environmental awareness and requirements for transparency. These are the objectives of this course:

  • Give a brief understanding about Procurement & SRM
  • Explaining different stages of Procurement & SRM
  • Best Practice of Strategic Procurement


What you will learn:

  • The Supplier Relationship Management Maturity Model
  • Importance of SRM in continuous improvement
  • Critical steps in developing trust with suppliers
  • Supplier segmentation models
  • 8 Step Strategic Alliance Development
  • The difference between SRM and collaboration
  • Best practices in managing supplier relations
  • Key elements in improving the supplier relationship
  • Best practices in supplier qualification, measurement, and recognition
  • The importance of re-engineering in SRM
  • Supplier risk management process


Who will be benefited:

Managers and professionals involved in purchasing, projects, contracts, supply management, operations, maintenance, engineering, quality, and other activities that expose them to dealings with suppliers for goods, equipment, and services in the oil and gas industry.

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