Strategic Audit and Strategic Marketing Decisions

Course Details:

  • Resource Audit
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Core Competence Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Develop an audit of the external marketing environment
  • Develop an audit of the internal marketing environment
  • Critically assess strategic marketing decisions
  • Appraise strategic options available to a growing global organisation
  • Critically assess and justify strategic marketing decisions, including financial assessment
  • Evaluate corporate and reputation risk of strategic marketing decisions


What you will learn:

  • Pricing Review and Analysis
  • Demand Estimation and Market Simulation
  • Competitor Analysis and Modeling
  • Cost and Financial Analysis
  • Channel and Contributor Analysis
  • Strategy Assessment
  • Product Design Analysis
  • On-Site Training
  • The changing dimensions of competitive advantage;
  • Traditional strategic thinking: innovation and the reorientation & reformulation of competitive marketing strategies;
  • Strategic marketing decisions in the management of the portfolio for the global marketplace;
  • Value based marketing – investment decisions and control


Requirements & who can attend:

Professionals working in the relevant area, Employees who are seeking to understand marketing to incorporate dimension in their decisions and in their departments’ daily operations (customer service, sales)


Learn by doing:


Able to-

  • Evaluate the role of brands, innovation, integrated marketing communications, alliances, customer relationships and service in decisions for developing a differentiated positioning to create exceptional value the customer
  • Define and contribute to investment decisions concerning the marketing assets of an organization
  • Demonstrate the ability to re-orientate the formulation and control of cost effective competitive strategies, appropriate for the objectives and context of an organization operating in a dynamic global environment

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