Salesmanship for Professional and Personal Growth

Course Content

  • Create ownership
  • Selling ASAP
  • An interactive social process
  • Salesman and Salesmanship
  • Most Important Person to Bring Success
  • Self-Development for Most Successful Selling
  • Try winning
  • Selling through Sales Call
  • Be prepared
  • The Essential Checklist for Every Sales call
  • Do right at first rather than repent for failure
  • Customer Service. Be Customer Focused….Five Steps Required.
  • Consider yourself to serve to Gain
    What is Negotiation? Essential Steps of Negotiation
  • Process
  • Managing negotiation process
  • Why sales people fail on the job?
  • Lack of preparedness



What you will learn

  • Advanced Prospecting
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Managing Objections and Negotiations
  • Professional Sales Management
  • Uncover and Appeal to buyer interests.
  • Listening Levels.
  • Create Power Questions- Open Ended and Close Ended Questions (Exercise).
  • Questioning Model (Exercise).
  • Purpose of Question (Exercise).
  • Widen the buyer expectation Gap.
  • Interest Rule.
  • Interest Areas.
  • Buyers Category.


Requirements & who can attend


  • An organized body of knowledge,
  • A relatively long and specialized preparation,
  • An organized plan or program to train individuals who plan to enter the profession,
  • An established and accepted code of ethics,
  • A set of standards for admission and disqualification,
  • Recognition that service to others comes before self-interest.
  • An occupation to be called a profession should satisfy the above requirements.


Learn by doing

You will able to:

  • You must aim at success.
  • You must get along with people.
  • You must exercise self-discipline.
  • You must develop selling skills.
  • You must have product knowledge.


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