Sales-Call Excellence Program

Course Details:

  • Practice voice clarity, calibration, contrast and control
  • Avoid undesirable voice characteristics over the phone
  • Use powerful and motivating words
  • Avoid words that project tentativeness, uncertainty and lack of confidence
  • Handle inquiries to sell and not just to inform
  • Use effective openers for out-bound calls
  • Handle objections given the limited time of phone transactions
  • Sales Analysis – An objective appraisal
  • Basic Training – Extending Competencies for more sales
  • Training on the job – Successful practice transfer
  • Discussing the sociogram within the buying center and outlining possible measures
  • Drafting bid proposals based on both product and service features


What you will learn:

  • Situational leadership behavior based on case studies
  • Clear position for each task and to each team member
  • Increase the implementation skills through targeted, customized coaching programs
  • Using checklists, the  team will be evaluated based on the extent to which they implement skills learned into their daily practice
  • Creating individual training plans
  • Monitoring the skills and mapping each team member’s know-how in an on-going developmental chart
  • Knowing yourself (Setting sales goals)
  • Knowing the customer (Prospecting)
  • Communication skills (Presentation skills)
  • Knowing the products (Product knowledge)
  • Alignment and best practices (Closing techniques)


Requirements & who can attend:

  • Leads and sales person
  • Concerned sales personnel
  • Customer Service Executive
  • Anyone Related to Customer Service and Sales


Learn by doing:

Able to:

  • Learning from practical experiences based on case studies of your daily business
  • Implementing and evaluating role simulation and business games
  • Feedback and upgrading suggestions
  • Recognizing and enumerating the knowledge skills within the team
  • Highlighting the effects and demonstrating the commercial benefits because the quality of the contact counts

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