Quintessential Speaking Arts

Course details:

  • Organize your thoughts
  • Formulate the right message and speak with confidence
  • Maximize your voice
  • Stop getting distracted by the fear of judgment
  • Speak confidently & smoothly
  • Grab your audience’s attention


What you will learn:

  • Communication, meta-communication, and symbols
  • Non-words and para-language
  • One-way, two-way and the inferential model of communication
  • Filters of communication
  • Understanding fear of speaking.
  • Components of successful speech


Who will be benefited:

  • Anyone who wishes to speak more effectively





Learn by doing:

  • Develop a dynamic and confident presentation style
  • Learn techniques to deal with nerves
  • Learn how to captivate, motivate and inspire an audience
  • Able to turn anxiousness into excitement and enthusiasm

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