Professional Report Writing Skills

Course Content 

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • What is a Report?
  • How to Structure a Report Professionally
  • What Makes a Good Report
  • 5 Common Complaints about Reports
  • A Checklist for Successful Reports
  • How to Plan Your Report
  • Your Personal Action Plan


What you will learn

  • Writing and improving the quality of business reports
  • Compiling reports to ensure that content and format are appropriate
  • Determining the focus of the report – deciding on correct content
  • How to select format and structure to meet the readers needs
  • Ensuring that the document sequence is logical and meaningful
  • Presenting information differently: text, graphs, tables, and diagrams
  • Organizing and structuring a technical text appropriately
  • Presenting the same information in different ways


Requirements & who can attend

No experience required.

Suitable for:

  • Professionals who regularly write reports for an external or internal audience
  • Technical experts who are required to write reports for a non-expert audience
  • Anyone whose role has changed to include more report writing


Learn by doing

  • Faster and more confident report writing
  • The ability to structure and organize clearly written, effective reports
  • A report writing style to suit your audience and purpose

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