Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (PMEAL) Training

Course Content 

  • Introduction Monitoring & Evaluation M&E and the project
  • Program cycle Importance of M&E Purposes and uses of M&E Identifying
  • Frameworks and MEAL Cycle Frameworks and approaches informing MEAL the language used in MEAL
  • The MEAL cycle Exploring key elements of a MEAL plan
  • Accountability and Learning Meaning of accountability
  • Baseline and evaluation design and management


What you will learn

  • Meal Planning Tools at a glance
  • Performance Management Plan (M&E plan)
  • Indicator Performance Tracking Table (IPTT)
  • Learning plan
  • Evaluation planning
  • MEAL in the project calendar
  • Data collection tools
  • Creating samples
  • Data entry


Requirements & who can attend

No experience required.

Suitable for: The training is designed for project team members working in the development, and humanitarian sector. It is intended to benefit MEAL officers, project officers, project administrators, project coordinators and other team members. As well as who interested to develop their career as MEAL professional.


Learn by doing

  • Collect MEAL data by using well-designed qualitative and quantitative data collection tools, appropriate sampling methods, and recommended data management practices.
  • Analyze MEAL data by using quantitative (descriptive and inferential) statistics and qualitative methods to analyze, interpret and visualize MEAL data.
  • Use MEAL data to inform project decisions, communicate with stakeholders and practice adaptive management.

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