Organizational Leadership

Resource Person

Mr. Rupak M Nasrullah Zaidi

OD & HR Practitioner, Business & Management Consultant

Mr. Zaidi is Training, Organization Development and HR specialist having more than 18 years’ experience in different industry. He has exposure as KPI consultant at home and abroad. He has completed Masters in HRM under the University of Dhaka.

Expertise as Consultant for more than 30 organizations at home and abroad in the following areas:

  1. Business Growth & Management
  2. Business Process Reengineering
  3. Setting KPI
  4. Designing effective Performance Management System
  5. Running Assessment Centre
  6. Organization Restructuring
  7. Process Development
  8. Competency Mapping for Human Resource
  9. Organization Development
  10. HR Audit & Compliance Audit
  11. Management Development
  12. Business Automation
  13. Assessment Centre
  14. Visual Management System
  15. Kaizen & 5 S Implementation
  16. Operational Efficiency & Excellence

Specialized in training in the areas of:

  1. Advanced HR areas,
  2. Operational Excellence, Kaizen, ‘5 S’
  3. Salesmanship, Marketing, Branding, Negotiation
  4. Customer Service, Soft Skills
  5. Leadership, Team Building, Change Management,
  6. Psychometric Testing, Personality, Behavioral Change
  7. Organization Development, Organizational Leadership
  8. Work Process Standardization

He has contributed in the HR Development in the country through his research based studies, knowledge sharing sessions, analytical paper preparation, information based module and material preparation and sharing. He is now servicing in Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. as DGM-HR

Professional Certification & Achievement:

  1. Certified Business Consultant from Institute of Certified Business Consultants – USA
  2. Certified KPI Professional from KPI Institute, Australia
  3. Certified NLP Practitioner by American Board of NLP
  4. ICF Certified Associate Leadership & Executive Coach
  5. Advance Diploma in NLP from ABNLP
  6. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in HR [BBHR]
  7. certified Lean Office Professional
  8. Certified Kaizen Facilitator
  9. Certified Strategic HR Business Partner
  10. Certified Total Reward Professional – ATRI-Singapore
  11. Accredited Management Consultant
  12. Business Process reengineering Consultant
  13. Performance Catalyst
  14. HR Auditor
  15. Certified Team Supervisor
  16. Certified Corporate Leadership Facilitator
  17. Certified Psychometric Professional
  18. World Training & Development Leadership Award

Professional Affiliation

  1. Panel Trainer of Human Capital Institute – USA
  2. Accredited Trainer of Singapore Training & Development Association
  3. Accredited Trainer and Consultant of ICBC-USA
  4. Senior Fellow: Management & Strategic Institute-USA
  5. Member-Harvard Business Review Advisory Council
  6. Professional International Member-ATD-USA
  7. Member of CPTN – Canada
  8. Member of American Management Association
  9. Member – SHRM-USA
  10. Secretary General of Professional Society for Bangladesh [PSB]
  11. Life fellow BSHRM

Mr. Zaidi attended as speakers in International Conferences & Facilitated Training in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


Effective leadership is an important skill in the professional arena. A skilled leader is a strong communicator, motivator and problem solver. Building teams, motivating employees, assessing client needs and managing conflicts are some of the critical tasks of a leader. Here are some strategies for being a successful leader in the workplace.

Our common and traditional approach to leadership hasn’t significantly evolved since the dawn of the industrial age.  When it comes to managing people in a work environment, we’ve always treated workers like any other input: squeeze as much as much out of them as possible and pay them as little as possible.

This idea was introduced nearly a century ago when the expansion of the US economy largely was based on industrial machinery.  Workers were required to perform relatively unchallenging tasks and were easily replaceable.  Companies motivated workers primarily with money, paying by the piece to reward those who produced the most widgets.

Extensive research confirms that people want to grow and develop in the roles.  They want to feel valued and appreciated by their leaders, and to know their work has significance.  And, just as Abraham Maslow predicted 70 years ago, they seek to feel fulfilled and even maximized by the work they do.

Workplace leadership is failing today largely because it has yet to acknowledge the importance of “emotional currency™” – a form of reward that makes people feel important, supported, valued, developed and appreciated.  In fact, science now has proved that it’s our feelings and emotions that determine our level of engagement in life, what motivates us, and what we care most about.


After successful completion of the program, participants will be able-

  • To make self-awareness through Self-assessment
  • To realize the Role Profile of Leader
  • To understand and conceptualize traits of Leadership
  • To apply different approaches of Corporate Leadership
  • To enhance productivity and profitability through Performance Leadership
  • To ensure employee engagement through engagement leadership



Total training will be divided into different sessions which contains practical exercises relating with different learning.

Session-1: Insight Thought of Corporate Leadership
Discussion Points

  • Leader Vs Corporate Leader
  • General Competencies for Corporate Leadership
  • Self-Assessment: Leadership Capacity
  • Building Capacity for being successful leader: Approach and way forward


Session-2: Approaches of Corporate Leadership & its Competencies
Discussion Points

  • Lead the People
  • Lead the Process
  • Lead the Performance
  • Lead the TEAM
  • Lead the Decision
  • Lead the situation
  • Lead the Leader
  • Competencies required for every Approaches of Corporate Leadership


Session-3: See the Leader, Be the Leader

  • Realizing Leadership through Objective Structured Practical Exercise [OSPE]

Discussion Points

  • Realize Leadership through scenario
  • Situation based Leadership Competencies and Challenges
  • Relationship of Organizational Values with Leadership Competencies


Session-4: Choice the Shoe

  • Individual Exercise to define the Role Profile of Manager and Leader

Discussion Points

  • Role of Leader Vs Manager
  • Choice the Shoe for the Profile
  • Understand the Challenges of ACT as Manager or Leader


Session-5: Employing the power of engaging leadership

  • Reinforce learning and relate the appreciation word for every member

Discussion Points

  • Engaging People: The Key to Unlocking Commitment
  • Building the Foundations for Engaging People
  • Knowing the Secrets of Engaging Leaders
  • Recognizing Your Existing Skills
  • Developing the Courage to Speak Your Mind
  • Sensing for Success
  • Being Brilliant at Building Commitment


Session-6: Leading People to Peak Performance

  • Group Exercise regarding lead the performance

Discussion Points

  • Being a Great Role Model
  • Acting Before Avalanches
  • Leading Under-performers Towards Your Peak
  • Coaching the Good Towards Greatness



  • Professionals working in different departments
  • Trainers
  • CEO, COOs
  • Consultants

Language: English and Bengali

Certificate: Certificate of attendance will be provided.

Course Fee: Tk. 2,500/- (per participant) excluding VAT and TAX payable in advance in favour of “Arena Phone BD Ltd.” in the form of crossed cheque or pay order or direct deposit to the Bank Account.

Venue: Arena Excellence, Rupayan Center (6th Floor), 72 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1212

Time: Will Update

For Registration Contact with Mr. Maksud-ul-Haque, Centre Manager, 01844471509, 01844054131, Ms. Sadia Akter, Executive Business Development, 01880196294 Ms. Jannatul Ferdoss, Executive-Training, 01844471510, E-mail:, ,,, Website:, Facebook Page:

Organizations nominating five or more delegates will enjoy 10% discount on course fee. The fee will cover tuition, stationery, reproduction of training material, training aids/equipment, cost of venue, food & refreshment, certificate etc.

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Price: Fees Tk 2,500 excluding VAT and TAX

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Resource Person

Mr. Rupak M Nasrullah Zaidi