Microsoft Office Management

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Explore the Microsoft Office applications suite. Learn to write documents, take notes, create spreadsheets, and more. Our Office training covers a wide range of software titles including Excel, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Access, and PowerPoint. This course will show you how to get the best out of all the most vital office tools, including Word, PowerPoint, Access and more.



The prerequisites for this course are nothing more than basic computer skills.


Learn By Doing

  1. Understand the Environment of the Microsoft Excel Application Platform Including Customization of the Application Window.
  2. Understanding and formatting cells-cells range and Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells
  3. Simple and complex Formulas with Full Knowledge of Absolute/Relative Referencing, Cell/Range Naming Concept
  4. Understand the Differences between Formulas and Functions; Use Very Essential Statistical, Text, Date and Financial Functions.
  5. Present Summarized Data Graphically with basic charts – Column, Bar, Line & Pie Chart
  6. Preparing Database and Data-Table and searching data from table
  7. Analyzing and Summarize Large Amount of Data Very Quickly with Subtotal and Pivot-Table Tools
  8. Apply logical functions to make spreadsheet decision making tools
  9. Use advance tools to establish control over data and protect data
  10. Opening and creating a database with table navigation, modification, forms, query and Report (Ms-access)
  11. Create and Publishing Smart Word Documents
  12. Review and Share Documents created by Microsoft Word
  13. Create Smart PowerPoint Presentations
  14. Consolidate Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access Outputs


Who this course is for:

This course is especially popular among students. Professionals who have benefited from this course are teachers, researchers, officers, auditors and accountants and anyone who wants to brush up their skills or find a suitable job can apply for this course or certification.

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