Mastery on Customer Service Excellence

Course details:

  • This course provides you the process of achieving customer service excellence and offers the tools and techniques to ensure you build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with customers
  • Increase participants’ awareness of communication behaviors


What you will learn:

  • Thirty unique ways to create Customer Care delights
  • Steps to improve active listening
  • The five key values of customer service
  • Emotional aspects of the customer experience
  • Identifying the differentiators of excellence
  • Verbal and vocal techniques
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult Customer


Who will be benefited:

  • Anyone managing a company or team
  • People who wants to do customer management in their future career



Nothing – just a willingness to learn!


Learn by doing:

  • Learn the techniques to listen actively
  • Able to present a positive first impression and make the initial connection with the customer
  • Able to identify and solve problems related to customer satisfaction
  • Able to give great service to your team and be creative with new ideas
  • Able to execute your personal action plan

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