Marketing for Non- Marketing Professionals

Course details:

  • Core marketing concepts and techniques
  • Effective marketing strategy
  • New marketing skills
  • Improve communication and collaboration with marketing department
  • Promotes better mutual understanding


What you will learn:

  • Basics of marketing
  • Fundamentals of Effective Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Methods, Models, and Theories
  • Understanding the market & customers
  • Competitor`s strategy & action
  • Impact of Social Media Marketing



Who will be benefited:


  • Professionals who interface with marketing
  • Participants would like to better understand the role of marketing
  • Participants who want to acquire fundamental marketing concepts



  • Do not need any formal marketing experience


Learn by doing:

  • Have a basic idea about marketing concepts, theories and best practices.
  • Understand the value of marketing and the marketing function
  • Able to deal with marketing issues more confidently
  • Able to increase business opportunities by using the marketing mix

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