Management Skills for HR and Admin Professionals

Course Content

  • The role and responsibility of administration manager
  • Identifying the responsibility and duty of the administration manager
  • The career development of administration manager
  • The function’s positioning within your company
  • How to evaluate the performances of administration manager
  • Establishment and implementation of company policy
  • The content of internal policy
  • How to control properly
  • Why policy becomes nominal
  • Improving the execution of administration department
  • Communication and conflict management
  • How to transmit the information effectively from top to down
  • How to deal with delicate situation
  • Avoiding and solving conflicts
  • How to push other managers to cooperate with youDoes the ERP system strengthen the company’s competitive position ? How might it erode the company’s
  • competitive position ?
  • Does the ERP system strengthen the company’s competitive position ? How might it erode the company’s
  • competitive position ?



What you will learn

  • Corporate culture and stuff motivation
  • Building corporate culture
  • How to make the culture influence all employees
  • Motivating employees effectively
  • Establishing core value and position of administration department
  • Knowledge about HR issues
  • Motivation & Order
  • Behavior & Attitude
  • Threat & Good Behavior
  • Patience in Service
  • HR behavior & Admin Behavior
  • Appreciation & Rewards
  • Development /Training
  • Authority & Responsibility


Requirements & who can attend

If you are an experienced administrative professional who needs to expand your management skills so you can better support your organization and enhance your contribution to your company and your career, this program is for you.

Some of the administrative positions that usually attend to this administrative management skills training course are:

  • Experienced administrative professionals
  • Executive secretaries
  • Administrative assistants
  • Secretaries or other members of the administrative support staff


Learn by doing

You will able to:

  • Manage changing roles and responsibilities whether working with bosses, peers, team members or customers
  • Meet dynamic work expectations by expanding your proactive capabilities
  • Clearly and confidently communicate and negotiate to manage conflicts and achieve results
  • Apply emotional intelligence and effective listening practices to your job
  • Use strategic diplomacy to handle office politics, difficult people and demanding situations



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