L/C Procedure for Import-Export: Sales Contract to Post-delivery of Goods

Course Details:

This training will focus on the entire LC procedure along with related issues, i.e., shipping and customs procedure focusing on critical situations occurred at importer’s and exporter’s end. This training will also include pre-requisites of LC opening, key issues in managing LC opening and challenges in complying LC terms and conditions. There will be more practical based lessons and discussions rather than theoretical discussion which will help the participants understand and remember every topic in easier way. The course contents are:

  1. a) International Contract of Sale & Payment Methods
    b) LC Procedure with practical exercise
    c) Shipping, Customs Clearing Procedure and Post-delivery issues
    d) Export procedures
  2. What you will learn:
  • After this training, the participants will be able to:
  • Make a good contract of sales
  • Handle LC opening & amendments
  • Overcome any critical issue related to LC during shipment and customs clearing stage as well.
  • Understand how to deal with customs and port officials to release consignments from port.
  • Able to execute any export functions successfully.
  • Also be able to successfully perform post-delivery functions such as-quality/quantity claim settlement and warranty replacement issues etc.
  • After all, they will be able to minimize the cost involved in the import and export process.


Who will be benefited:

Educated & Jobless people must be benefited to engage them in this profession and they can play a major important role for the earning of foreign currency in Bangladesh. Besides, trainers can build up their carrier with the concept of this course.

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