Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

An Integrated Management System is relevant to any organization, regardless of their market. Integrating several management systems into a unified system shares documentation, policies, procedures and processes and makes business sense.

Integrated management systems provide greater benefit than running separate management systems in parallel. If you are currently running separate management systems, get in touch to see how you could make potential savings.

This course is designed to manage multiple aspects of an organization’s operations in line with multiple standards, such as those for quality, environmental and health and safety management.


Benefits of Integration / What you will learn:

In an integrated management system, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Successfully integrating your management systems can have a number of very tangible benefits for your organization, including:

  • Avoiding duplication of effort
  • Making more effective use of senior management time
  • Using resources to implement and manage systems in a more efficient manner
  • Achieving more cost efficient certification
  • Reducing audit fatigue

Course content:

  1. Introduction to Integrated Management System (IMS)”
  2. Introduction of Internal Audit as per IMS & It’s criteria
  3. Requirements overview of QMS, EMS & OHSMS
  4. Industry practice of ‘PDCA & Leadership’ as per IMS
  5. ‘Planning’ & It’s implementation as per integrated system
  6. ‘Support’ & it’s practice in industry as per IMS
  7. ‘Operational Planning & Control’ & Its implementation techniques
  8. ‘Factory Preparing Tips’ for Integrated Management System Audit
  9. ‘Site Management Tips’ for Integrated Management System Audit
  10. Integrated Management System (IMS) Auditor
  11. Integrated Management System (IMS) Audi tee
  12. Introduction & Display of common proforma (sample docs) of IMS Audit
  13. Integrated Management System (IMS) Sample Audit

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