Grammar for Professionals

Course Content

  • Overall grammar, consistency, and style rules
  • Punctuation verbs and verb tenses
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Dangling modifiers, verb agreement, and qualifiers
  • Editing your own work
  • Clear and strong business writing: resumes, cover letters, and emails.
  • Compose communications that are audience and culturally appropriate
  • Write more powerful, persuasive, and precise diverse business communications
  • Organize communications according to appropriate format
  • Apply what you learned to your day-to-day communication
  • Think about your audience before you communicate
  • Impress your reader and your boss
  • Prepping for planting
  • Assemble the Necessary tools
  • Plant with a purpose
  • Get rid of those weeds
  • Stake your leads
  • Harvest the rewards
  • Proofreading tips for High-Yield benefits


What you will learn

  • Understand the importance of grammar and write grammatically correct business documents
  • Use punctuation and style rules correctly
  • Produce clear and concise sentences
  • Proofread professional documents more accurately
  • Build trust and credibility through your word choice
  • Project a professional image in your written correspondence
  • Draft messages with great confidence
  • Establish a high standard of written communication for yourself and your organization
  • Identify the parts of speech in the English language
  • Locate specific parts of speech in sample sentences and in self-generated sentences
  • Know the different between parts of speech and parts of a sentences
  • Demonstrate variety by crafting each of the four kinds of sentences that are considered grammatically correct in English.
  • Locate and also create phrases and clauses within a sentence
  • Recognize each of four sentence functions ( declare, ask, demand, exclaim) and choose the appropriate end mark to use in each instance


Requirements & who can attend

The course is designed to accommodate native English speakers, who wish to strengthen their writing style and knowledge of English grammar constructions, in order to advance their career. The one-to-one feedback is tailored to individual needs.


Learn by doing

  • Achieve mastery of concepts with clear, targeted communication
  • Structure sentences for audience appeal
  • Enhance understanding of style and composition in business writing
  • Ensure that some of the more challenging uses of punctuation, e.g. semi-colons, colons, and dashes are used correctly
  • Create content with clarity, precision, and concision
  • Understand key cultural/business traits in communication with clients
  • Apply what you learn to your daily communication
  • Acquire the tools for crafting high impact business communicating


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