English Writing for Smarter Emails

Course Content

  • Writing Communication with Etiquettes
  • Professional Steps for Writing Email
  • How to Develop High Standards of Writing
  • How to Improve the Expression in Emails
  • Start Writing
  • Introduction and Announcement Emails
  • Request and Apology Emails
  • Culture Matters
  • How to Assign Tasks in Emails (using the 3Ws)
  • How to Write the Perfect Subject Line
  • Write Emails that are Five Sentences or Less (TL;DR)
  • Break Long Emails Into Two Parts
  • How to Make Your Emails Scannable
  • Additional tactics for writing better emails



What you will learn

  • Professionally Communicate Via Emails with Confidence
  • Understand the Principles of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Understand Essential Etiquettes for Email Communication
  • Effectively Handle Complaint Emails
  • Build Email Templates of Different Scenarios
  • Write in Global English
  • Is the English you use internationally ‘global currency’?
  • Focus on the message, not just the translation
  • Think reader when you write
  • Write using clear and concise messages
  • Be smart, sophisticated and successful
  • Expressing times and dates varies in different countries
  • Punctuation matters
  • The perils of multilingual email threads
  • Salutations matter
  • Personal branding’ for you and your company


Requirements & who can attend

  • This course is for employees in organizations who frequently communicate via email with their team members (at least 5 or more on a regular basis).
  • No special tools or are necessary. Any email client (like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) will do.


Learn by doing

  • Improve your email writing skills in simple steps
  • Learn proper email etiquette and business writing techniques that get you results
  • Avoid common errors in email messages that confuse people
  • Improve communication within teams
  • Save time in writing and responding to emails
  • Write clear email messages that explain exactly what you want
  • Get higher response rates from teammates



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