English for Corporate Communication

Course Contents:

Module-1: The backbone of business : Communication

Module-2: Communication Formula :  Model, Techniques & Strategies

Module- 3: Flash up on language

Module-4: Business writing for day to day corporate Communication

Module –5: Verbal Communication (Speaking)

Module –6: Avoiding Common Error

Module-7: Application of Communication in Corporate environment

Module- 8: Grammar talks


Course Duration: 1 week


What you will learn:


Personal Impact: After completing the session, the participants will—

  • Be updated about corporate communication
  • Be updated about Modern Business writings
  • Be able to learn the grammar
  • Be free from some common error
  • Be easy to communicate in English Be fluent with correct pronunciation
  • Be updated about the barriers in communication & how to overcome it


Organizational Impact:

  • Increase Profitability and Productivity by reducing error time
  • Increase promptness in communication through Correct English
  • Increase Brand Image through learned employees
  • Ensure better performance through learned employees
  • Ensure proper understanding & accuracy in all sorts of communication – external , upward, downward , horizontal


Learn By Doing:

  • Strategy of Facilitation
  • Facilitating Method
  • Facilitating Approach


Who this course is for: Corporate employers, businessman

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