Energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management (Based on ISO 50001:2011, ISO 14064:2006 & Higg FEM 3.0) Training

Course Details:

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Energy Management
  • Energy Scenario in Bangladesh
  • Energy Fundamentals
  • A standardized approach for quantification
  • This part of ISO 14064
  • Enhance the environmental integrity of GHG quantification,
  • Enhance the credibility, consistency, and transparency of GHG quantification, monitoring and reporting, including GHG project emission reductions and removal enhancements,
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of organization GHG management strategies and plans,
  • Greenhouse gas removal enhancement
  • Greenhouse gas emission or removal factor
  • Greenhouse gas assertion


What you will learn:

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of GHG projects,
  • Facilitate the ability to track performance and progress in the reduction of GHG emissions and/or increase in GHG removals, and
  • Facilitate the crediting and trade of GHG emission reductions or removal enhancements.
  • How approaches were used or decisions taken.
  • Why approaches were chosen or decisions made
  • Greenhouse gas
  • Greenhouse gas source
  • Greenhouse gas sink
  • Greenhouse gas reservoir
  • Greenhouse gas emission
  • Greenhouse gas removal
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction


Requirements & who can attend:

  • Maintenance Engineers• Energy professionals• Compliance Officials• Sustainability Officials• Environmentalists• HSE Professionals• Business Owners• Bank Officials• Development Partners• Any other interested persons



Learn by doing:

 Able to-

  • Corporate risk management: for example, the identification and management of risks and opportunities;
  • Voluntary initiatives: for example, participation in voluntary GHG registry or reporting initiatives;
  • GHG markets: for example, the buying and selling of GHG allowances or credits;
  • Regulatory/government reporting: for example, credit for early action, negotiated agreements or national reporting programs.

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