Effective Telephony Skill & Front Desk Management

Course Content

  • How to spot and correct potential safety risks at the front desk
  • Managing visitors and controlling the flow of front door traffic
  • Strategies for screening incoming mail and packages, including what to do in case of a bomb threat
  • Life-saving strategies to use when threatening people are in your lobby
  • How to respond to a variety of emergency situations, from medical emergencies to fires
  • Delivery procedures that are safe, efficient and hassle-free
  • Proven phone techniques to calm even the angriest callers
  • Essential words and phrases that make a caller feel welcomed and give a great impression of your company
  • Tips for dealing with a high volume of calls—and how to diplomatically place people on hold
  • Speaking with a smile: How to convey your enthusiasm and positivity through your voice
  • An innovative way to stay “up” for every phone call … even if you’ve answered the same question 20 times



What you will learn

  • Clearly define and understand the customer relationship.
  • Communicate clearly, effectively and professionally
  • Take clear, concise messages and follow instructions
  • Assess how tone and posture can affect the clients’ reaction
  • Resolve conflicts within the scope of their job
  • Handle complaints effectively and ensure client satisfaction.
  • Manage time effectively to ensure the completion of critical business tasks.
  • Use everyday office equipment effectively
  • How to say “No” without feeling guilty or causing resentment
  • How to handle your all-important role as gatekeeper with poise and polish
  • Active listening techniques that will improve your effectiveness overnight
  • How to ask clarifying questions so you can get the job done right the first time
  • Do others see you as a professional? Here’s how to ensure that your words and actions make it clear you are
  • Key things you can do to gain recognition and expand your role within the organization
  • Using your body language to convey a strong, confident presence


Requirements & who can attend

  • Front Desk Professionals, Who are interested in front desk job.


Learn by doing

  • Understanding customer relations
  • Communication skills
  • Telephone techniques
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Conflict resolution
  • Handling complaints

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