Customer Service Management And Development

Resource Person

Dr. Ahmed Shaikh Ashif

Professional and Business Development Coach, Consultant and Mentor

Dr. Ashif had been in the finance industry for 28 years, during which he led with his expertise in people management, leading projects and producing consistent financial results.

Dr. Ashif has worked with many companies in different industries – locally and globally as Consultant for developing Business, Organization and People.

He has developed his expertise in Applied Subconscious Mind to develop a Winning Mindset and Personality – turning Weaknesses to Strengths and Threats to Opportunities.

Areas of Competences:

Organizational Alignment and Reframing Business and Executive Coaching Employee Performance Improvement Global Entrepreneurship Development Team Development Career Planning and Professional Excellence.

36+ Years in Industries like: Banking, Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Education, SME Business.

Training Contents:

MARSH+’s Customer Service Management and Development Program has been designed to support anyone who is working to improve standards to the existing customer to acquire new customers and retain current ones. This program will provide tools, techniques and methodology to systematically raise competency in customer relations that drives the sales and in turn increases profitability.

The focus of the workshop shall be on supporting the participants for increasing and developing their strengthens as well as other leadership development initiatives, will have a very strong positive impact on their professional outlook and collaboration. The idea of this workshop is to increase capability of the participants to provide delightful customer service.

The Customer Service Management and Development Workshop will be tailored to address the specific needs of participants.


The present period belongs to the age of customer capitalism. Today the power has shifted from the seller to the buyer. Now the customer always rules. Customers are the single source of revenue and profit. Without them the company would go out of business.

At the end of the day, a business leader does is in the service of customer service. The customer service program is entirely focused of one ultimate goal: to help you, no matter what your position or job title, serve customers with such consistency, integrity, creativity and sincerity that they will not only keep coming back for more but eagerly recommend your business to their friends, families and colleagues.


The design of the training:
Session 1: Workshop Launch (8 questions; outcomes; design; norms; expectations)
Session 2: Challenges I’m Facing: Peer Learning
Session 3: Burning Customer Service Management and Development
Questions: Open Space Process to find the answers
Session 4: My Best
Session 5: Sharing practical tools and techniques.
Session 6: R&D (Reflection and Dialog) What Have We Learned?
Session 7: Closing (personal insights & next steps, evaluation, close)

So what?

Potential Outcomes: By the end of our workshop we will have achieved
results in 5 dimensions:

• Solve personal business challenges;
• Increase turn over and profit;
• Improve reputation and standing;
• Increase customer satisfaction.

• Identified things we will do to improve Customer Service;
• Identified things we will do to improve Supervision, Support and Employee Engagement.

• Established team norms and agreed upon a strategy to ensure; that we demonstrate these norms.

• Practiced some practical concepts and tools;
• Improve the knowledge and skill set;
• Boost uniqueness and individuality.

• Learning about oneself and others; identify personal strengths
and developmental areas;
• Boost confidence and moral;
• Increase motivation and engagement.
• Had a very engaging and enjoyable time together!


 Coaching and Facilitative Leadership Tools
 Using CSA Methodology (Clarifying-Solutions-Action)
 Question Driven Approach
 Just in Time Tools
 See – Hear – Feel – Unlearn – Exercise – Learn – Implement
 Goal: Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Mastery on Customer Service Management and Development

Who will be benefited?

 Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
 Customer Service Professionals
 Marketing and Service Executives
 Mid-Level Managers
 Other Professionals.

Language: English and Bengali

Certificate: Certificate of attendance will be provided

Course Fee: Tk. 4,000/- (per participant) excluding VAT and TAX payable in advance in favour of “Arena Phone BD Ltd.” in the form of crossed cheque or pay order or direct deposit to the Bank Account.

Venue: Arena Excellence, Rupayan Center (6th Floor), 72 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka – 1212

Time: Will update

For Registration Contact with Mr. Maksud-ul-Haque, Centre Manager, 01844471509, 01844054131, Ms. Sadia Akter, Executive Business Development, 01880196294 Ms. Jannatul Ferdoss, Executive-Training, 01844471510, E-mail:, ,,, Website:, Facebook Page:

Organizations nominating five or more delegates will enjoy 10% discount on course fee. The fee will cover tuition, stationery, reproduction of training material, training aids/equipment, cost of venue, food & refreshment, certificate etc.

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Price: Fees Tk 4,000 excluding VAT and TAX

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Resource Person

Dr. Ahmed Shaikh Ashif