Certificate Course on Banking, L/C, Customs & Shipping Procedure

Course Details

  • s code & its importance
  • Duty & taxes
  • Calculation of cost of import goods
  • Cargo clearing procedure from customs
  • Documents required by importers and exporters
  • Master l/c, back to back to l/c, transferable l/c, etc
  • Lian bank
  • Cash in advance, open account, on consignment, collection, etc
  • Bill of entry/ shipping bill
  • Bill of entry & bill of exchange
  • Regulatory duty & supplimentary duty
  • Tax holiday & duty draw back
  • Feeder vessel & mother vessel
  • Shipping documents & copy documents (non negotiable)
  • Special types of l/c
  • Import without l/c
  • L/c amendments
  • Important clauses of l/c


What you will learn

  • r.o
  • Calculation of duty and taxes
  • Calculation of cost of export goods
  • Cargo forwarding procedure through customs
  • Documents required by customs for import and export
  • Upas l/c
  • Incoterms
  • Issuing bank, advising bank, confirming bank, negotiating bank,
  • Re-export & export
  • Tax & tariff
  • Discounting of bills
  • Lcl & fcl cargo
  • Port of entry & bill of entry
  • Third party documents
  • Procedure for erc (export registration certificate)
  • Export finance
  • Export import procrdure with flow diagram
  • Duty free baggage items


Requirements & who can attend

  • No experience required.
  • Suitable for


Entrepreneurs and high professionals in the field of Export – Import Business.
Officials who are in the field of supply chain management, procurement and logistics.
Commercials, C&F agents, Freight Forwarders and shipping agents professionals.
Officials engaged with Garments & Textile sectors.
High officials in various trading sectors.
Supply Chain Professionals.


Learn by doing

Businessmen can reduce their Import- Export Business cost

New Entrepreneurs will know A to Z Import Export business procedure and documentation.

Participants will be conversant about customs operating systems of Import- Export of Bangladesh and how to calculate duty and taxes.

You will get a clear understanding about the customs rules, regulation, procedure of shipping, role of shipping agent

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