Certificate Course for Commercial & Procurement Manager

Course Content

  • Business Licensing Procedures
  • Calculation of Costing for Import & Export.
  • Government Import Policy
  • Concept on L/C
  • L/C at sight & UPAS L/C
  • L/C in local currency
  • Foreign Suppliers Sourcing
  • Cash Incentive Procedures
  • Dealing with EPB, BGMEA, BKMEA, BTMA
  • Customs Duty & VAT
  • Various Bank Charges
  • International Payment methods
  • SWIFT Code & H.S Code
  • GSP Certificate & PRC Procedures
  • Dealing with C&F Agent and Freight Forwarding Agent
  • CCI&E Permission (IRC, ERC )
  • Master L/C & Back to Back L/C
  • Third Party documents
  • Volumetric Weight Calculation
  • Bill of Export, Bill of Entry, Bill of Exchange


What you will learn

  • Documentation on Export & Import
  • Risk Minimizing & Cost Saving Procedures
  • Government Export Policy
  • UCP-600 & UCPDC
  • Back to Back L/C
  • Various types of B/L
  • Competitive procurement
  • L/C amendment procedures
  • Dealing with C&F Agent and Customs
  • Port authority charges
  • Export Facilities
  • TT Payment
  • Various types of S.R.O
  • Shipping Bill and Shipping Guarantee
  • Offshore Banking and Lien Bank
  • INCOTERMS usages in International Procurement
  • Public /Government Procurement Procedure
  • Difference of Proforma Invoice & Commercial Invoice
  • Outsourcing of Suppliers/Vendors & Market
  • e- GP System
  • Shipping and Logistics issues
  • Procurement Terms & Conditions


Requirements & who can attend

No experience required.

Suitable for: Commercial & Procurement Professionals, Business owners, individuals are interested to start export-import business , professional engaged in Export, Import, Logistics, Supply Chain, Shipping, Freight Forwarding ,Customs , International Trade, Banking Professionals, Officials of RMG sectors


Learn by doing

How to build up the professional capacity

How to execute the jobs of the most important wing of the company

What’s required to be acquire knowledge

How to making decision of Banking, Customs, supply chain management.

How to provide a high remuneration to prospective employees who have vast knowledge in the Commercial & Procurement Sectors

And much more….


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