Brand Management Workshop

Course details:

  • In today’s marketplace, effective brand management is key to growing and maintaining a successful business.
  • Brand management is defined as the process of creating a relationship between a product or company and the emotional perceptions of the client in order to build loyalty. Effective brand management can mean the difference between your client seeking you out time after time or visiting a similar business because they cannot tell the difference.


What you will learn:

  • The brand management process & what leads to customer brand insistence
  • How to measure brand equity & the asset value of a brand
  • Qualitative and quantitative brand research methodologies and approaches
  • Personal & professional Brand Building strategy
  • Developing a strong brand marketing plan, B2B marketing tools and techniques
  • How to successfully (re)position a brand, Advertising campaigns and planning


Who will be benefitted:

  • Brand Manager/Executives
  • Business Owner/ Entrepreneurs
  • Service Professionals





Learn by doing:

  • Able to create and manage a strong & successful brand identity.
  • Able to set yourself apart from others in your field.
  • Learn the way to market your target demographic
  • Able to ensure consistency



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