Bond License, Bonded Warehouse & Bond Management

Bonded Warehousing means the facility provided to export oriented industries for importing inputs/raw materials and packaging materials without paying any duty or taxes. Bonded Warehouse & Bond Management system exists in all developed countries of the world. A 100% export oriented manufacturing unit can get bonded warehouse.


Contents of Training:

1.Bonded warehouse License
2. Tax Holiday
3. Documents for Audit Report
4. Required documents for bond license
5. Bond Facilities
6. Bonding period
7. Renewal process of bond license
8. Cancelled of bond license
9. Diplomatic bonded warehouse
10.UP & UD
11.Input – Output co-efficient
12.Pass book
13.Bond register
14.In- bond & ex- bond
15.Bill of Entry & Bill of Export
16. Lien bank
17. GSP & PRC
18. Stock lot
19. Force loan
20. Export without L/C
21. Cash Incentive
22. Duty Draw back
23. Bond license for EPZ
24. Garments Bonded warehouse
25. Advantages of Bonded warehouse
26. Warehousing Rules
27. Types of Bonded warehouse
28. Bonded Areas
29. Sample Export
30. EXP
31. Bank guarantee
32. Deemed exporter
33. Duty exemption
34. Local L/C
35. Back to back L/C
36. Export L/C
37. Advantages of Bond license in Export Business


Who this course is for:

Bonded Warehousing facility is enjoyed by both direct exporters and deemed exporters

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