Basic Accounting for Startups and Professionals Training

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • What is Accounting
  • Process of Accounting
  • Elements of Accounting
  • Accounting Equation
  • Accounting Equation exercise
  • Accounting equation simple interpretation
  • Ledger Accounts
  • Double entry theory
  • Ledger Accounts exercise
  • How to balance Ledger Accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • Statement of comprehensive income
  • Income Statement
  • Income Statement exercise
  • Alternative simple income statement
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Classification of Assets and Liabilities



What you will learn

  • Statement of Financial Position exercise
  • Simple interpretation of Statement of Financial Position
  • Income Scenarios
  • Profit Maximization and Loss Minimization
  • Impact and Importance of Profit and Loss
  • Self-Assessment
  • The whole purpose of accounting
  • Basic Book-Keeping – Debit, Credit, Journal, Ledger & Trial Balance
  • Basic Accounting – Principles, Concepts & Chart of Accounts
  • Basic Cost Accounting – Cost of Goods Soldbr
  • Accounting Standards ** GAAP, IAS, IFRS br


Requirements & who can attend

  • Ability to understand simple English language.
  • Desire to learn basics of accounting (No prior knowledge on accounting required).
  • Need to make better and informed financial decision in life and/or Business.


Learn by doing

  • Define accounting simply and understand the elements of accounting with certainty.
  • Record transactions in Accounting Equation and ledger accounts and to Balance ledger accounts.
  • Prepare Trail balance and develop an income statement and statement of financial position.
  • Develop alternative and simple formats of an income statement and statement of financial positions to analyze periodical income and financial position based on customized needs.
  • To make better financial decisions to improve income and financial position.

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