Applied Sales Techniques for Better Performance

Course details:

  • By “Learning-by-doing” training methodology, this course covers everything to get over participants’ fear of rejections & help to stay motivated everyday.
  • For improving sales performance and reducing the duration of the sales cycle outlined the critical selling skills and behaviors.


What you will learn:

  • Steps of sales cycle
  • How to become an effective listener
  • Dealing with the most common objections
  • Cold emailing and calling strategy
  • Ways to close the deal


Who will be benefitted:

  • Sales executives
  • Professionals who want to master the art of fundamental selling skills





Learn by doing:

  • Able to create effective sales plan
  • Understand the role of a salesperson and the consultative sales approach
  • Improve the skills, confidence and professionalism to make sales a success
  • Able to create a differentiated buying experience that motivates customers to buy

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