Advanced Certificate Course on Report Writing Management

The goal of this course is to take the difficulty out of writing these reports and then teach how to write them efficiently and effectively.


Course contents:


  1. Introduction to Report Writing
  2. Perfecting Your Writing Style

3.      Using Correct and Consistent Spelling and Abbreviations

  1. Informal Reports
  2. Semi-Formal Reports: Test and Lab Reports
  3. Semi-Formal Reports: Investigation and Evaluation Reports
  4. Semi-Formal Reports: Suggestions and Proposals
  5. Formal Reports
  6. Illustrations


Course Duration: 1 week


Benefit of this course:

  1. A complete package of management and tech-savvy skills that prepare the participants to manage large-scale reports.
    2. It saves costs and time to attend two courses separately.

What you will learn:


  • How to organize reports to make writing them easier and less time consuming
  • How to identify the important information that should be included in a report that will gain the readers’ attention.
  • How to present the information, as well as how to be convincing and persuasive.
  • Create reports that achieve their desired goal and have the intended impact.


Who this course is for:


Anybody that either anticipates having to write reports in the future, or is already having to produce reports and is looking to improve

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