Advance FMCG Sales Management

Course Content

  • The changing sales environment
  • How to utilize a system for analyzing your sales planning
  • The dimensions of effective sales management
  • Understanding people: the basis for sales motivation and effective communication
  • Organizing and structuring the sales force
  • The attributes of standards of performance
  • Coaching, counseling and performance appraisals
  • The challenges of special personnel situations
  • Creative decision-making and problem solving techniques
  • The implications of sales compensation
  • Engage with Retailers better.
  • Minimize the risk of failure.
  • Support Key Customer Managers in preparing for their presentations and preparing for accidental deletion.
  • Have a roadmap to engaging Retailers at multi-levels in their organization – Operations, Merchandising and Buying.


What you will learn

  • What role does the category and my brand play within consumers’ lives?
  • Where will my growth come from?
  • What need states does my brand currently address?
  • What does my brand need to do to grow incrementally?
  • Which competitors represent the greatest threat and could beat me to it?
  • Identify past and potential brand value levers
  • Develop hypothesis and make complex connections
  • Know which questions to ask
  • Use process tools to identify “value/growth” drivers for your brand(s)
  • Processes for consumer segmentation vs targeting tools
  • How to select the optimum target

Requirements & who can attend

Seasoned sales managers who want to refine sales planning techniques, build leadership skills and become more powerful decision makers, motivators, communicators, coaches and counselors through advanced sales management training.



Learn by doing

You will able to:

  • Develop leadership and team-building skills
  • Recruit and train a higher caliber of sales professional
  • Improve your sales team’s productivity
  • Keep your team accomplishments in the spotlight
  • Generate increased profits with fewer resources
  • Understand the internal motivators of your sales force
  • Become a more effective sales manager, communicator and decision maker by applying proven leadership principles

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