About Us

Bangladesh is marching ahead at a galloping speed on its road to progress and is being labeled worldwide as a role model for development. Admittedly and understandably so, the country is already confronted with a growing need for professionals with knowledge and skills to match international standards and win over cutting edge competition. Our professionals are now required to compete at the international level and expected to meet ever-changing global standards.

It is with this end in view Arena Excellence was founded. It is a Dhaka based training institution located at the centre of a business hub of the capital. We aspire to make sure that all professionals are abreast with latest and state-of-the-art technologies in their respective fields. We are there to help them sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge base as they grow in experience, bring out the best in them and make their journey to excellence faster and easier. To do so we meticulously design training calendars and interactive workshop schedules and pursue the policy of participatory training. We also design customized training plans to match our clients’ demands and requirements by putting highest emphasis to quality and customer service.

We have a qualified and competent team of experts who understand and appreciate the importance of interactive and participatory training techniques and constantly evaluate the quality and effectiveness of our training models and try to improve the same.

Our aim is to develop and enhance the human capital of the country by imparting methodical training for professional development of manufacturing and service sectors. We believe that good management is also a vital component of economic development.