Industrial Psychology

Industrial psychology is the branch of psychology that applies psychological theories and principles to organizations. Often referred to as Industrial psychology, this field focuses on increasing workplace productivity and related issues such as the physical and mental well-being of employees. Industrial psychologists perform a wide variety of tasks, including studying worker attitudes and behavior, evaluating companies, and conducting leadership training. The overall goal of this field is to study and understand human behavior in the workplace.

You can think of industrial psychology as having two major sides. First, there is the industrial side, which involves looking at how to best match individuals to specific job roles. This segment of Industrial psychology is also sometimes referred to as personnel psychology.

People who work in this area might assess employee characteristics and then match these individuals to jobs in which they are likely to perform well. Other functions that fall on the industrial side of Industrial psychology include training employees, developing job performance standards, and measuring job performance.

The organizational side of psychology is more focused on understanding how organizations affect individual behavior. Organizational structures, social norms, management styles, and role expectations are all factors that can influence how people behave within an organization. By understanding such factors, Industrial psychologists hope to improve individual performance and health while at the same time benefiting the organization as a whole.

Industrial psychology is an attractive field of study for students, interested in psychology, primarily due to its interdisciplinary “business + psychology” slant. Students who are interested in applying psychological principles to real-world setting should consider industrial psychology. If you have a strong interest in psychology as well as related subjects such as product design, computers, statistics, and engineering, this may be the ideal field for you.

Industrial Psychology help the student to definite their career in a smooth way. By learning industrial psychology they can create the opportunities of employment.

Industrial psychology is the field of psychology dedicated to understanding and managing employment and organizational relationships. Industrial psychologists may work directly for a business in an advisory role, provide counseling to employees, or offer businesses tips on finding and hiring the right employees. No matter their specific role, industrial psychologists can have a positive impact on a company’s productivity and employee morale.

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