Work from home during crisis time

Tips for Concentrating and Communicating While Working From Home-

During stay at home work period during corona… it’s bit different than the regular office activities. Here you will find bit relaxed and house environment to work.

Sometime some may find it bit boring too… but have to continue the work whether there are no other options. Here are some tips:

  • Get Started Early — and Watch the Sun Rise

Early morning is a great time for have own…no calls, incoming emails…can also watch the sun rise…and breathe in fresh air, of course now from your home window.

  • Cups of coffee consumed each day:

Start your day with a cup of a coffee to get a fresh start

  • Try to maintain workflow ­­­as office time
  • Favorite work soundtrack:

You can play nice background music of your choice to a smooth start.

  • Keep a Detailed Planner

Should have a detailed plan of works based on priority.

  • Do more researches during stay at home to enrich your knowledge base
  • Try to gain more technical knowledge’s
  • Keep connecting with your employer, clients, sources etc. that’s how they know you are on.
  • Keep fit yourselves.. Because staying at home we become little lazy, so need to have some exercise to keep yourselves fit.
  • And at end, keep yourself lough, smile, talk to stay mentally charged.

..And stay safe & sound hopefully we will overcome this crisis soon and can start our regular life again………..Enjoy the day.

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