Role of the Leaders in the crisis moments of Covid19

Covid19 or Coronavirus pandemic is a crisis unlike any other in recent times. Here we give you some leadership practice, those will help you to respond effectively in the crisis moments.

Within a very short time coronavirus affected business significantly and place extraordinary demands on leaders in business and beyond.

COVID-19 creates fear among employees and other stakeholders. The massive scale of the outbreak and its share unpredictability make it challenging for executives to respond.

Need to put together an operational checklist to help consumer service from the companies frame their immediate response to the Coronavirus, the pandemic situation and their planning for an eventual recovery and beyond.

Include a key action empowering emergency response team, adapting and reviewing production plans, flexibility and adjusting commercial strategy.

The crisis help to define leadership capability at this moments in consumer product.

And importantly the leaders must ensure the safety of employees, customers and business partners.


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